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Accordant Energy is proud to offer ReEngineered Feedstock (ReEF), a patented, state-of-the-art technology that is focused on multi-pollutant emission control. ReEF can be seamlessly co-fired with coal to specifically target the reduction of sulfur, nitric oxide, hydrogen chloride, mercury, and other air pollutants. This technology transforms the non-recyclable fibers and plastics from municipal solid waste (MSW) streams into a fuel substitute that actively reduces air emissions while also lowering the total amount of coal used in a power plant.

We partner with electric utilities, municipalities and waste management companies to maximize the recovery of recyclables from mixed waste streams and aggressively reduce landfill disposal of these materials. Waste that cannot be recycled is converted to ReEF, and processed with the addition of virgin materials, such as sorbents, using Accordant Energy’s patented manufacturing process (APM).

ReEF is customized for the needs of each electric utility to ensure optimal co-firing combustion and air pollution control. With recognition from the U.S. EPA as a non-waste fuel under the Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials (NHSM) regulations (40 CFR Part 241), ReEF can augment existing air pollution control assets and offer an efficient path to environmental compliance.

ReEF is the product of two core innovations: an advanced solid waste recycling and recovery process and a patented fuel production technology. From the waste stream, Accordant Energy removes all marketable recyclables, non-combustibles, and prohibitive contaminants, and sorts the remaining fibers and plastics into a chemically consistent base material. On average, this process can lower the amount of the waste stream that is sent to landfills by 70%.

How it Works

Technical illustration
  1. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) contracted through municipalities and solid waste companies.
  2. Our advanced Multi-Material Process Platform (MMPP) recovers all usable fibers and plastics for sale into the recycling market and uses only non-recyclable fibers and plastics as ingredients for the fuel.
  1. Non-recycable fibers and plastics are processed in our proprietary Advanced Product Manufacturing (APM) system, where the plastics are dechlorinated and synthesized with virgin materials, such as sorbents and additives, and joined with fibers to create an integrated fuel particle.
  1. ReEF is co-fired with coal in combustion units.
  2. The combined fuel/sorbent technology of ReEF helps reduce environmental air pollutants.

Economic and Environmental Value

ReEF is an engineered, high performance fuel that delivers meaningful operational and environmental benefits throughout its lifecycle.


  • Comparatively priced to coal
  • Pollution control attributes may be eligible for addition to the electric utility’s rate base
  • Lower capital expenditure than traditional air pollution control technologies
  • Potential for improved power plant efficiency
  • Potential to decrease parasitic load from existing air pollution control equipment
  • May be eligible for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)


  • Incremental sulfur, nitric oxide, hydrogen chloride and mercury emissions improvement beyond existing hard asset air pollution controls
  • Displaces 5-20% of coal, depending on boiler application
  • Reduced CO2 emissions as a result of the biogenic carbon content of ReEF
  • Reduced landfill disposal and resultant greenhouse gas emissions
  • Potential to reduce scrubber water use at power plant
  • May meet state-specific Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)
  • Recognized by EPA as a non-waste fuel, thus not subject to Commercial/Industrial Solid Waste Incinerator rules

Possible Pollutant Emission Reduction

Accordant Energy manufactures fuel that is designed to achieve high levels of environmental performance to meet customer expectations.

Potential environmental pollutant reduction ranges are as follows:

SO2 50-90%
NOx 10-20%
Hcl 50-90%
Hg 60-90%
CO2 12-20%

Actual emission reduction results will vary depending on the combustion unit design and design margin, fuel used, operating and maintenance practices, downstream equipment, and the beginning emission levels of the combustion unit.

ReEngineered Feedstock (ReEF) is an innovative approach to renewable energy that actually makes sense. I’ve seen a wide range of ‘alternative fuels’ — almost anything that can be burned in a coal-fired boiler — and almost all have either failed or were impractical. ReEF will allow many coal-fired installations to stay in service, operating in an environmentally responsible way that helps communities move toward a zero waste future.

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